Business Models

Everyone can enjoy WarQube without any time limits or any financial contributions. The WarQube team provides eternal free access to the game. Play and enjoy!

Free to Play

F2P (“Free to Play”) game model is for anyone who simply enjoys playing without time limits and any monetary contributions.

The WarQube team wants to give all players the opportunity to play, as we are not focused only on making money, so the F2P model will be an integral part of our game.

In the F2P mode, each player has the opportunity to get Standard Avatar for free, which will allow them to activate the P2E mode and earn. All it takes is for the player to score points by playing WarQube.

Play to Earn

In addition to the significant reward for the played matches, the P2E (“Play to Earn”) game model provides new opportunities for players such as receiving token rewards by playing the game and control over their digital assets obtained through gameplay or contributions.

Access to the P2E model can be opened through the acquisition of Standard or Premium Avatar.

Find more about Avatars here

We provide players with a unique opportunity to extract in-game virtual income and convert it into actual revenue. In-game tokens and NFT assets always belong to the players, as they can be easily converted into fiat currencies.


  • Reward for winning in PvE

  • Reward for winning in PvP

  • Reward for winning in Raid

  • Rewards for completing various missions

  • Finding and obtaining rare NFT items that can be sold

  • Income from NFTs & Token staking

  • Rewards for participating or winning

  • Tournaments

  • Rare Items Finding

  • Rewards for Progress in Battle Pass

  • Rewards for helping the project team

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