The WarQube arts is meticulously crafted by some of the best digital artists.

Impressive and detailed map design allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of alien combat without compromising game performance.


Sci-fi, distant future. The planet Cyrinx, where a powerful ancient civilization once existed, is now the battlefield. Artifacts of this ancient civilization are scattered over the planet, and the ruins of their technological buildings can still be seen.

The flora of the planet is quite diverse. The locations of the events are portrayed as desert terrain with rocks, foggy swamps and rocky mountains. It is still unknown what secrets the Cyrinx holds. The Chosen ones will get a chance to visit places once inhabited by the ancients, and get the desired knowledge and resources.

Warring races


The faction that the players represent, humans are the chosen representatives of the terrestrial race with inhuman non-human abilities. Each character has a unique set of characteristics that define its essence. Humans are essentially invaders, strangers in the new world.


Anthropomorphic creatures appear in high-tech body armor. Like Cubes and all ancient architecture, they are the products of a forgotten civilization. Their main task is to protect the artifacts of their creators.

The Hive

A race of insectoid creatures. Outwardly resembling insects, this cybernetically hybrid race is highly aggressive. The only purpose of the hive is the destruction of all life.


Cybers are initially programmed by humans to explore and collect data. When facing an unknown virus of an ancient civilization, their artificial intelligence was hacked and upgraded. After finding a host, the virus changed the purpose of the сybers, giving them one goal: the destruction of humanity.

Note: The number of heroes and variety of enemies will increase in the future.

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