Energy cubes

WarQube: NFTs

Energy cubes provide players with opportunity to play a certain number of sessions in Play to Earn mode. The player needs to recharge the cube to maintain the duration of the highly profitable Play to Earn mode. This requires $WQC tokens, which the player can get as rewards for playing the game or buy them for $WQT.


  • There are 4 kinds of cubes of various quality with different levels of charge

  • Cubes have attributes that affect power and efficiency, which can be upgraded to improve parameters

  • Each cube can be used up to 5 times in a Minting event to obtain unique cubes

  • To use the cube, it must be installed in one of the Avatar's 4 slots

  • The player can buy or sell the cube on Marketplace

  • When the cube is fully discharged, the rewards become equal to the values of the rewards in F2P mode


Charge Level

The charge level displays the remaining number of sessions in Play to Earn mode. To restore the number of sessions, it is necessary to recharge the cube. When fully discharged, the player will receive the minimum reward for the played sessions.



Capacity affects the rate at which the discharge decreases.


Efficiency defines the frequency of cubes of various quality falling out in Mystery Box.

The attribute parameters are upgraded with points, which are given to the player after a certain number of cube rechargings. The player can distribute the points on the two parameters arbitrarily.

How to use it?

The cube is added to Avatar, which has up to 4 slots. To play in Play to Earn mode, you can use just one slot with one cube or all 4. You can use cubes of different qualities in the mix and then the system itself will calculate the number of remaining sessions and the cost of the total recharging.


When minting a new cube, its attributes are randomly generated, and the quality of the cube does not necessarily have to be the same quality as "cube parents", it depends on the parameters of each cube.

  • To reproduce cubes, the user must have a minimum of 2 cubes and a maximum of 4 cubes

  • The number of cubes involved in the minting increases the chance of obtaining the highest quality cube

  • One cube may be used a maximum of 5 times in a minting

  • Minting can be done between cubes of different quality and level

  • Minting requires $WQC tokens

  • Minting can be done not earlier than every 48 hours

Mint Probability

How to get one?

  • When purchasing a Standard Avatar, the player receives a Common Cube

  • Cubes of different quality will be available for purchase on Marketplace

  • Cubes of different quality in limited collections will be available at WarQube NFT sales

  • When opening the Mystery Box a cube of any quality may fall out

  • Cubes can be found on the game maps

  • Cubes can be obtained by minting

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