Economic Model

WarQube: Tokenomics

WarQube uses a dual-token model with two types of tokens $WQT and $WQC both are ERC20 built on Polygon.

$WQT contract address: Soon

$WQC contract address: Soon

$WQT is the main utility and governance token with fixed supply of 1 000 000 000 that will be burned till final supply of 100 000 000 tokens

  • Used to buy NFT avatars

  • Used to buy NFT assets

  • Used to vote on governance proposals

  • Can be staked

$WQC is an in-game reward coin with unlimited supply that will be issued and burned as needed

  • Minted as game rewards

  • Used to buy, charge, upgrade and mint energy cubes

  • Used to buy in-game items

  • Can be converted to $WQT


The company's revenue will come from several directions.

NFT sales (direct sales)

  • Premium avatars that give you the opportunity to play in P2E mode, as well as additional benefits

  • Season boxes with different sets

  • Exclusive collections of in-game items

In-game sales (permanent sales)

  • Standard avatars that allow you to play in P2E mode

  • Energy cubes, without which it will not be possible to play constantly in P2E

  • Skins for all characters

  • Mystery boxes

  • Helper pets in the game

  • Interior items for the player's room in the WarQube Metaverse

Marketplaces fees

  • Up to 5% transaction fees from NFT trading between users

  • Up to 5% transaction fees from trades of in-game items between players

Deflationary model

To hold down inflation, the $WQC and $WQT token burning mechanism is used, which will be involved from the first activities in the game and on Marketplaces.

Up to 50% of the $WQT tokens received from NFT Marketplace commissions and up to 50% from NFT direct sales will be burned. Since $WQT does not have new token emissions, the burning mechanism will make the tokenomics deflationary relative to supply.

Up to 50% of the $WQC tokens received from In-game Marketplace commissions, as well as up to 90% from the sale of Standard Avatars and Energy cubes, including commissions from minting, recharging and upgrading, will be burned. Thus, the balance of supply and demand will be maintained at a deflationary level.

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