WarQube: Gameplay

Eli & Ella (“Gemini“)

The twins Eli and Ella were trained in military science since childhood. Years of special training in one of the most secret power units, which was rumored to use human genetic modifications, made them true masters of sweeping the enemy’s territory.


Pulsar Rifle

Versatile beam rifle with two firing modes to hit all types of enemies. The automatic mode will become indispensable against the main array of enemies, and single volleys will perfectly cope with large targets.

Special Abilities


A classic missile capable of supporting both offensive and defensive positions. There is nothing better than a precisely thrown grenade to an enemy sitting in cover.

Mental Vortex

The twins use their superhuman mental powers to trigger a telepathic strike against the crowd of enemies.

Dead Ringers

Gemini has a mental connection that has been the object of research for several generations of scientists. In a critical situation, when one of the twins is injured or needs reinforcement, one can instantly teleport the other twin to himself for support.

Death From Above

Leaving no chance for survival of targets, a rocket air strike perfectly disrupts any attack of the enemy in the affected area.

Force Shield

From the experience of the fallen comrades, the twins know what it means to be back-stabbed. Due to the latest “Force Shield” development, the twins have a greater advantage when fighting in open areas.

Eli Characteristics

HP: Normal | Attack: Normal | Speed: Normal

Ella Characteristics

HP: Normal | Attack: Low | Speed: High

Hayate (“Tech-Samurai“)

A Samurai Cyborg who specializes in close combat and relies on stealth. "Sudden like a sound of the wind" says his name. He is one of the first travelers through the "Blowout" who managed to return alive. He suffered life-threatening injuries during his first expedition, but bioengineers managed to save his mind by encasing him in a cybernetic body.



A multifunctional katana made of a special alloy. Electrical Conductors charged by combo attacks are capable of disabling mechanical targets and damaging nearby enemies.

Special Abilities

Ion Storm

The communication modules embedded into the body maintain contact with satellites, ready to unleash an ion charge on enemies that annihilates everyone in the affected area.

EMP Grenades

It’s a bunch of grenades that temporarily disables mechanical enemies and defensive structures. It shocks living organisms and creates disorientation.


The high-tech suit works like a chameleon - allowing Hayate to extricate himself from tricky situations during combat or to deliver a fatal blow from behind.


Charged movement modules can accelerate Hayate to carry out lightning attacks on the enemy.

Quantum Teleportation

An experimental development based on a quantum space jump allows you to disorient the enemy and destroy his defenses.


HP: Normal | Attack: High | Speed: High

Evander (“Cyber Enforcer“)

Evander was the result of military experiments. Veteran of many years of military actions, was greatly enhanced by the implantation of cyber-implants. Metal plates and sensors made him a heavyweight cyborg with a plasma weapon. Like a tank, he inflicts irreparable damage to everything in his path while protecting his team.


Plasma Gun

Charges slow, hits hard. You can suppress opponents with countless low-power charges, or you can focus and fire a directed charged shot that destroys everything in its path.

Special Abilities


A weapon that brings Apocalypse, no less. A bombardment with napalm shells can stop any coordinated threat with a screen of fire.


Evander always has fire support squads ready to unleash a massive strike from the sky on the enemy.

Protective Sphere

It is specially designed for Evander to strengthen the defensive positions on the point. This translucent sphere can withstand dozens of bombs. The sphere surrounds its fighters, reducing the damage from opponents.

Meteor Strike

The latest development of space forces allows to bring down foreign bodies to the planet’s surface by supernatural power.

Fury Mode

This mode significantly increases the damage for a short time while Evander is dealing with enemies.


HP: High | Attack: High | Speed: Low

Note: WarQube will be updated with new heroes in the future.

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