Battle pass

WarQube: Gameplay

Battle Pass usually gives players access to additional content for their in-game experience, which they gain by playing the game. We like this model and decided to add it to WarQube because we want to reward our community for their time spent playing our game.

In WarQube Battle Pass comes in two types: free and paid.

The free model is a set of skins that can only be used inside WarQube, as they are not NFT. However, the free model includes a booster that increases the amount of in-game $WQC token you receive per session for a limited time.

The paid model includes both free rewards and NFT characters' skins, weapons, and one pet of legendary rarity at the last level. Also, for every tenth level of Battle Pass, the player will be able to receive additional in-game $WQC tokens.

A paid subscription can only be purchased with a $WQT project token, in a fixed dollar amount. Also, separately can be purchased levels of battle pass for $WQT.

The duration of the pass is fixed, and each week it will be supplemented by additional tasks where players can speed up their progress. Thus, battle pass progress depends on experience for the sessions played and weekly tasks.

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