WarQube: Gameplay

The Guilds are communities of like-minded people that allow players to gather their team and get more advantages out of it, to make every game even more interesting through team play with friends.

The Guild allows players to take up tasks, for the completion of which they will receive guild experience and additional rewards in the form of $WQC token.

There are two types of tasks

Special guild assignment

Performed only with a minimum of three Guild Members. Such tasks can be completed by playing a few sessions, depending on the task and the abilities of the players. The assignments update once a week, and if the previous task is not completed, it will be replaced by a new one.


Only performed in a team with Guild Members (minimum 1). Reward for the Contract goes to the one who took it, but the guild member gets a separate reward of 50/33/25% of the contract award (depends on the number of guild members).

E.g.: a contracted member receives 500 $WQC, a helper 250 $WQC, etc.

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