WarQube: Gameplay

Usually, pets act as non-player characters who accompany the player and do not participate in battle, but that is not the case in our game. We decided to give pets the role of special helpers, who will support players in combat in various ways.

Each pet has a degree of rarity, and the higher it is, the more advantages they have. But that's not the only difference between them. As the role of a pet is to support the player in battle, there will be several types of them in WarQube, and their main difference is not only the appearance, but also the benefits they will give to their owner.

As each pet is an NFT, players can exchange them, sell and buy new ones or collect them. Pets can also be obtained in certain boxes, but the chance of them falling out is very small.

In the future, we plan to add more options to use pets, as they are an important part of our game, and we want to provide players with more interesting interactions with them.


Cybernetic flying fish

Function: character healing

Medical scientists have developed a special drone, capable of emitting light with regenerative power. The model was based on a creature resembling a fish with wings, which was found on one of the planets of distant galaxies. Researchers were struck by the fact that the fish had its own, though weak, but still gravitational field.

Obsidian Raven

Black robotic raven

Function: attack the closest enemy within the operating radius

One of the first prototypes of reconnaissance drones was a robotic raven, created by military scientists by using the knowledge of the ancients. As it turned out later, it is extremely useful not only in reconnaissance missions, but also in combat.


Protector drone

Function: blocking incoming damage

A protective drone, configured to the projection of an energy shield, became widespread among the militaries after the first encounters with the Hive. Each such drone has a small ancient artifact in its construction in the form of an energy cube, which is capable of generating a protective barrier.

Note: More pets will be added in the future.

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