WarQube: Tokenomics

$WQT is a control token whose holders have voting rights in any votings run by the WarQube team. The main directions of voting are development, marketing strategy, distribution of the company's income.

Voting rights vary and change depending on the % of the total number of tokens held by the voting users.

To vote, a $WQT holder must choose the number of tokens they are willing to reserve for a particular pool. The holder's voting power will be calculated as the % of $WQT reserved for a particular voting pool, relative to the size of the pool. Thus, the power of a vote depends on the number of $WQT reserved.

A voter willing to vote should keep in mind that if they have reserved all their tokens, the power of their vote may be quite high, but on the other hand, they will not be able to take part in another vote until the vote in which they took part is over and all the tokens are unlocked.

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