Team & Advisors

About us

The WarQube team is an experienced crypto industry professionals, founders and board members of game development studios, development and marketing agencies. Having a lot of experience, we have knowledge in the field of games, as well as visual effects and aesthetics in general.

We believe in cryptocurrencies and we love games because we are active players ourselves. We saw the potential in the crypto gaming industry and a huge opportunity to make games better by implementing our ideas and improving both the visual part and the mechanics of earn crypto in games.


Fedor Bushlanov

Fedor is a blockchain technical and business expert who helped various enterprises and startups to succeed in the blockchain space. Currently, Fedor runs FSB Capital, a venture capital firm, and holds a CEO position in a GameFi startup.

Amid Yazdi

Obtaining a truly rich experience in leading consulting and financial companies over the past years, Amid became a successful advisor and business expert for various high-potential GameFi projects. Combining YouTube activity as KOL, he constantly expands his economic knowledge and connections in the blockchain space.

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