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The Backstory

Tens of thousands of years ago, long before mankind began to explore boundless space, there was a great civilization in a distant galaxy. Their power and possessions were limitless, for entire galaxies belonged to them. Their technology is still way ahead of anything humans have been able to achieve. Nevertheless, even such a powerful race had enemies who posed a great threat to them.

In many chronicles compiled by historians, there are mentions of the traces of violent battles in the distant past, scattered throughout space. The remains of giant creatures, parts of destroyed spaceships, ruins of unknown buildings and many other things indicated the battles between an ancient civilization and another, still unknown to mankind, race.

The lack of information about past events and about the ancients themselves, has caused the excitement of many major corporations since the beginning of their exploration of space. This knowledge would allow to gain the power of the ancients and to lift the curtain on the events of the past.


Many years have passed since the day of the first hyperjump to another galaxy and the first research mission. By getting their hands on the first artifact of an ancient civilization and deciphering it through long and careful study, humans have been able to comprehend many of the mysteries of antiquity. Technology, maps of galaxies, a huge variety of useful resources - all this has given a great impetus to the development of mankind in the entire history of its existence. Thus, research missions have become nearly the most important direction into the future, but this does not invalidate the past.

Landings were made on all planets that happened to be in the path of the reconnaissance teams, and it was no exception that sooner or later there would be an encounter either with the owners of ancient knowledge or with another unexplored civilization. And people were prepared for that, but as it turned out - not enough.

The first encounter occurred in the galaxy Dwingeloo 1, on an unnamed dwarf planet. While extracting an artifact from the rock, the reconnaissance team was attacked by unknown creatures resembling insects. This incident gave all of humanity a clear understanding of the need for military power. Such cases became more frequent, and scientists revealed a certain pattern - humans are not the only ones attracted to the legacy of the past.

Realizing the urgent need of improving the military forces, humans began to use the obtained technology of the ancients. It was decided to launch a program of training special troops and equipping battle cruisers with more powerful weapons. It became clear that if they wanted to learn everything about the ancients, they had to be prepared for any dangers that might lie ahead.

A year has passed since the incident in the Dwingeloo 1 galaxy occurred. Humanity faced many obstacles in the form of brutal battles against The Hive - the name it was decided to use for a race of insectoid creatures that destroyed everything in their path. Also, there was a new threat in the form of anthropomorphic warriors, which, as it was revealed from the data stored in the artifacts, were guards created by an ancient civilization, just like the artifacts themselves. It is no secret how far ahead of humans the ancients were in technology, but no one could foresee what else could be left after them. The cyber-virus they created enslaved the artificial intelligence of the research drones through the artifact and directed them against humanity. To prevent the virus from taking over the rest of the technology, the defense systems have been upgraded. However, the virus could not be stopped, it managed to progress, and by upgrading the entire army of drones, turned them against the people.

The reconnaissance teams were reclassified as military research squads and equipped with special drones that greatly accelerated the exploration process. Also, with each landing on a new planet, the camps were mandatorily equipped with mighty auto-turrets, which made the mission safer, but unfortunately did not give a hundred percent guarantee of its successful completion.

The planet Cyrinx

Having managed to partially establish the research process, humans continued to accumulate knowledge of the ancients, and in one of the artifacts, they stumbled upon particularly significant information. On one of the galaxy maps found, there was a mention of a distant planet Cyrinx, which, according to the artifact, holds an archive of history of ancients. This was a huge breakthrough. Humanity's largest corporations wished to get their hands on this archive, since it could unlock the secrets of much encrypted data, which scientists believed held top secret information of the ancients. "Who were the ancients?" "Who were they fighting?" "What caused their disappearance?" Scientists have revealed that all the answers must be in this very archive.

It was decided to send the strongest troops to Cyrinx, since everyone was well aware that such an important artifact would be guarded by the most dangerous enemies, and trying to get it would definitely attract The Hive.

The largest human battle cruiser Havoc arrived first, and was ready to send all available forces to capture the planet, but as it turned out - it wasn't that simple. The planet had a kind of a special protective barrier, which most likely was coming from the archive itself. The most interesting thing was that this barrier allowed to pass through it, but as if it had its own mind, it seemed to choose only the most worthy ones. This became clear, when certain people started to have visions of the artifact in the form of a giant-sized cube and strange symbols on it. It seemed that the ancients themselves were choosing the warriors, who would be admitted to their knowledge.

The squad was assembled and equipped with the latest weapons. No one doubted that they would be able to accomplish the mission and obtain the knowledge of the ancients. And so began a sortie that would determine the future of all mankind.

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